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Network enabled Automation controller.
101-542P Ness Corporation PUSH BC4 CONTROLLER

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  • 101-542P Ness Corporation PUSH BC4 CONTROLLER
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"Technologies Controller"


The PUSH PC4 CONTROLLER is a network- enabled controller which interfaces to systems either via one of its 4 IR ports, RS232 port, TCP/IP port or one of its two onboard relays.


Control & Automate your premises including:
Monitors, TV’s, Displays,
Video sources,
Audio systems,
Lighting systems,
Security and automation systems such as the Ness M1,
And virtually anything you dream of...


The PC4 includes voltage sensing, macro driven controller that can be customized by the installer to cater for any of your requirements.

Push Project Software allows code-free device set-up, macro development and totally customizable GUI creation.

The PUSH PC4 application enables an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to control the system. In addition to this powerful app, the GUIs are rendered in HTML so any Web enabled device including smart phones, touch screens and PCs can be used as control interfaces.

The PUSH PC4 Controller can operate as a standalone controller, bidirectional RS232 capability allows it to also be an easy add on to existing control systems. Add another room, more equipment, or just use it to add web enabled interface capability.



Audio / Visual



Home Automation

For iPad and iPhone Or Any web enabled device



Applications include :

• Residential,

• Offices,

• Conference Rooms,

• Digital Signage,

• Sports Bars,

• Houses of Worship,

• Event Centers


  • IR library built in with 348,000 codes to make installation quick and easy, plus learn and import IR facility
  • Two configurable GPIO ports (general purpose input/output)
  • Digital Input capability (does not take up IR port or require additional hardware)
  • Sense Voltage (video sensing) or evaluate equipment state (on/off)
  • Digital Output for control of turning equipment on or off
  • Analog input to connect directly to line level audio or composite video to trigger events or evaluate equipment state
  • Configurable input parameters allowing tailored sensing parameters to the device generating the signal
  • An internal GPIO port can be configured to act as a counter or frequency input to measure activity
  • Four IR ports and an IR blaster – Route IR to any port for specific equipment control or blast it to a rack of equipment
  • Two SPDT relays for control of shades, projector screens, amplifier power up or turning lights on and off
  • Bi-directional RS232 – for direct equipment control or to work with other automation platforms
  • Power over Ethernet 802.3af for locations with no available power or in tight spaces that do not allow for an additional power supply
  • Network Connectivity 10-Base-T
  • Protocols TCP, UDP, HTTP
  • Power 802.3af Compliant PoE or 12VDC 500 mA external
  • Configuration TCP, UDP or Web Browser
  • LEDs Status, Link, Activity



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    Part Number 101-542P

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