Ness - Full HD IP Camera (zComms compatible)

Part Number : 101-803


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The Ness Z-Wave Indoor IP Camera
Ness Corporation 101-803 Z-Wave Full HD IP Camera

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  • Ness Corporation 101-803 Z-Wave Full HD IP Camera


Ness IP Camera (zComms compatible)

Ness zComms compatible IP camera.
Easy control and viewing via the Ness zComms app
Note that zComms app is also used with the Ness 101-800 Z-Wave gateway.
This camera is not a Z-Wave device. 

Keep an eye on your house anytime 


Full HD wide angle Camera
Its Full HD resolution and its 140° wide angle, the IC722w will let you have a perfect control and monitoring of your house.



Time-Lapse recording
With the Time-Lapse recording function, things that happened during days or even years in real time can be played back over just a few minutes.
The camera will take frames periodically according to the time interval and the frame rate you specify and will produce a time-lapse video.
This function can be applied to many situations. You can easily capture beautiful footages of subtle events such as a flower blooming, an incubation process to record a construction process. 

Night vision

dual lens

For day & night usage, the IP Camera features one single lens equipped by an Infrared cut-off filter.
The Infrared filter will sense the luminosity of the room and will switch the filter to either day or night mode.

Two-way Audio

2way audio

Two-way audio is supported.You can monitor the synchronized video/audio and talk to or warn the people around the camera from your iPhone/iPad and Android once you got the push notification. 
There is a built-in speaker so that you could connect any high power speaker to the camera for your needs. 

Push notification

Push notification
You will be notified on your mobile devices when an event (motion or sound) is detected.
Even if your mobile is in sleep mode, you will be notified anywhere, anytime if something abnormal is happening in your house.

Save the most important moments 

SD Card

Recording on Micro SD Card
You are able to playback the recorded videos on your iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
Video recording triggered by events allow you to record what just happened and save it on a Micro SD card.
The motion and sound detection recording has a 5 seconds prerecording, so you will never miss any critical moment.


Recording on NAS and on the Cloud
You can record the video files into any standard NAS devices or to your Dropbox account. And you can play the recorded video files remotely on your mobile devices or computers.

Setup your IP Camera in seconds 

Wi-Fi Protect Setup

WPS (Wi-Fi Protect Setup)
You can set up the Wi-Fi connection of the camera by pushing the WPS button on the camera and on the router. Configuring an IP camera has never been that easy.

mCamView2 Our Smart Home App 

mcamview 2

mCamView2, with its intuitive design, will let you have the best usage and user experience of your IP camera, you will be able to easily configure and use all the innovative features provided by your camera.

You will be able to configure alarms notifications and associated schedules so you can define how and when you will be notified when something abnormal happens inside of your house.
In few taps on the App, you will be able to playback your video recordings stored in your smartphone memory, in your camera SD card, your Dropbox account and your NAS devices.
You can very intuitively configure our revolutionary Time-Lapse recording feature and Playback your Time-Lapse videos.

Our Full HD IP camera is ideal to monitor your house, getting notified and playback your video recordings stored in different kind of storages.

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Part Number 101-803

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