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Ness Single ChannelAdvanced Flexible Radio receiver

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"Upgrade your System"

Works with Virtually Any model Alarm System.

The Ness SCR+ Flexible Standalone Receiver is a unique high performance radio receiver designed to operate with any Ness proprietary radio transmitting device including Ness Radio Keys, Radio Key pendants, Radio Reed switches, Radio Smoke Detectors and Radio PIRs.

The SCR+ is ideal for connecting to alarm panels which do not provide a wireless facility and can be used for connecting wireless devices for zone alarms, Panic buttons or Radio Keys for Arming and Disarming the Panel. The Inhibit input gives the receiver the unique ability to identify the Armed/Disarmed status of an alarm panel.

When used with a Ness radio key it allows the receiver to always correctly Arm or Disarm the Panel. The SCR+ is also ideally suited for applications that require a remotely switched relay output for low voltage switching applications e.g. garage door opening.

The Relay output can be selected to be Pulsing or Latched for alarm signals or a Pulsing output for Panic/Tamper, Aux or Low Batt signals. The SCR+ will accept up to four individual Radio Keys and Panic Buttons or up to four alarm transmitting devices (Radio Reed Switches or PIRs)


• Receives ARM / Disarm / PANIC / AUX / Low Batt channels from Ness Radio Keys or Radio PIRs / Radio Reeds.

• Supports up to four transmitters.

• Simple “Learn Mode” programming for radio devices.

• 1 x Relay output with selectable Toggle/ Pulse, selectable

• 4 x Open Collector outputs for Panic/ Tamper, On/Alarm, Aux, Low Battery

Compatible with any control panel or equipment.


Supported Devices :

  • Ness Radio Keys (view)
  • Radio Keypad (view)
  • Radio PIRs (view)
  • Radio Reed Switches (view)
  • Radio Smoke Detectors (view)
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    Part Number 106-179

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