SMARTLIVING 515 Panel Only (17VAC) (10 Zone expandable to 30 Zones)

Part Number : 106-401


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Ness SmartLiving 515 System offers 5 Terminals expandable to 15 to support up to 30 Zones. The 106-401 includes, 515 Panel in a secure metal enclosure

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The SmartLiving intrusion control panel

This item (106-401) is SmartLiving 515 panel only and excludes any keypads.  

The SmartLiving control panel series covers a vast range of applications. SmartLiving505, SmartLiving515 and SmartLiving1050L encompasses small domestic and commercial applications, whereas SmartLiving10100L can be fully tailored to suit more sizeable facilities. 
The SmartLiving series: one philosophy embracing all solutions. 

This model (Ness Part No 106-401) is the SmartLiving 515 system control panel only in a secure metal housing. Choose your keypad from either the nCode or Alien Keypads. (Refer Ness part No 101-204 for the plug pack and battery kit, which is sold seperatly to this part No.)


SmartLiving Description

The control panel versions
The control panel is the heart of the SmartLiving system.
Ness offers 4 versions, all in metal enclosures: SmartLiving505, SmartLiving515 with housing for a 7Ah battery, and SmartLiving1050L and SmartLiving10100L with housing for a 7 Ah up to a 18Ah battery. The vast application range of this system spans from just five terminals with this model ('505' version), to a hundred terminals with the '10100' version. All versions offer an amplitude of tantilizing features.


Innovative BUS technologies 
A particularly interesting feature is the new concept of 'terminals' attributable to FlexO technology. This concept revolutionizes the old fashion way of thinking with static perspective of inputs and outputs and provides the installer with a more adaptable approach to system customization and what is more, a different perception of in-stock needs. Application of Easy4U technology provides installers and end users alike with all the advantages of an uncomplicated yet effective interface. The innovative concept of 'shortcuts' makes system control effortless and greatly simplifies system programming, which is fully piloted by this straightforward interface. Ness's new-generation I-BUS is the backbone of the SmartLiving system. The I-BUS is capable of transmitting at an extremely high speed, unmatched in this market segment. The performance capabilities of the I-BUS have been utilized in such a way as to allow it to manage complex topologies, provide fast-load-insensitive response and end-to-end noise immune voice transmissions, all without need of any extra wiring. Thus, from this new-generation bus came VoIB technology for voice over bus transmissions. The I-BUS allows the SmartLiving system to grow in accordance with installation needs. The bus accepts proximity readers, keypads with graphic displays, input/output expansions, wireless transceivers, GSM diallers and new high security sounderflashers. The SmartLiving system is capable of enrolling all the bus peripherals automatically, thus further smoothing the process of system installation and configuration. The I-BUS can be protected, sectioned and regenerated by means of the new IB100 bus isolators/regenerators.

System functions, features and options
The control panel can be enhanced with a SmartLogos Voice module. As a result of VoIB technology, this board provides a vast assortment of advanced voice functions which make the SmartLiving system a breakthrough product in the sector of intrusion control.

The matrix is the brain of the system and allows the correlation of the actions and events the system manages. Each of the system events can be associated with output actions, voice dialler actions and digital dialler actions.

The system can be accessed by user codes and proximity keys/cards. It is possible to associate each code/key/card with one of the Weekly Timers which can then be programmed to enable/ disable it at certain times of the day.

The smartLiving system can be configured as a 'hybrid' system in view of the fact that it is capable of managing both hardwired and 'Air2' wireless peripherals. This type of configuration allows it to integrate the new-generation wireless capabilities provided by the 'Air2' two-way transceiver.

The excellence of connection flexibility offered by the SmartLiving system is yet another of its strongpoints. The system offers an all-set-to-go Voice dialler (with the optional SmartLogo's module) and a likewise friendly Digital dialler that readily satifies all the requirements of alarm receiving centres.

The SmartLiving system can also be accessed and controlled over-the-phone (PSTN) via the SmartModem100. Additionally, if you wish to provide the system with an alternative communication channel over the GSM network, simply install Nexus. This innovative GSM device manages voice and digital communications, receives SMS commands and sends programmable SMS messages when specific events occur.

The SmartLAN/SI and SmartLAN/G boards offer a level of connection flexibility which is unparalled. These boards provide TCP/IP connectivity and allow the intrusion control panel to send e-mails and attachments (SmartLan/G Module). They allow end users/operators to access the system via the Internet and provide a web-server function. The latter allows end users/operators to connect to the control panel from any PC and verify the status of the system and interact with it. The web-server, embedded in the SmartLAN/G, also allows users/operators to use their Smartphones as SmartLiving wireless keypads, both inside the protected premises, via WiFi, or from any part of the world over GPRS or the Internet.

The control panel can be programmed from any LCD keypad or via a PC running SmartLeague software. Programming from an LCD keypad is quick and easy, as it is possible to use the default settings which completely eliminate the need to configure the parameters of the Voice dialler and Digital dialler. This programming method is very straightforward, as the operator is guided through the process by means of explicit graphics and easily understandable visual instructions. Configuring the system from a PC is totally trouble free, as it is mainly a series of cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop operations which reduce the operators work to a minimum. SmartLeague software provides an innovative Text-to-speech function which allows operators to create voice messages by merely typing-in the relative text. This function eliminates all the difficulties attached to normal voice recording. The high-speed RS232 port reduces local on-site programming to a split-second task.

 Designed for security and flexability

The SmartLiving intrusion control panel 'cocks its eye' at security.
This innovative system combines all that is new in intrusion-control technology to provide flexibility and ease. Ease for the installer, who is steered through programming operations in a fast, clear-cut way. Ease for the user, who is guided through operations by graphic indications and voice prompts. Ease-of-access to the most frequent operations, and ease of understanding of the entire system.



Superior to time and first on the changing scene of security systems, Ness's newly designed control panels and devices are based on new-generation technologies and leading-edge system architecture. All products are designed to take full advantage of the latest microprocessor technology, bus architecture and communication paths. The result is a range of truly innovative products whose superiority in design technology and performance is more than obvious. The highly-competitive SmartLiving intrusion control panel provides important features rarely found in residential, commercial or industrial application systems of its kind. This optimized-performance control panel provides first-rate features such as: graphic display, text-to-speech, voice notifier, flexible hardware, end-to-end voice transmission (voice-on-bus), IP connectivity.


Technology and Simplicity. From the onset Ness professionals took great pains to ensure that the SmartLiving intrusion control panel would be both installer and user friendly. Easy4U is based on audible and visual technologies which provide a series of operative approaches which interface with the system and access "Shortcuts". The visual guide utilizes a display that provides information in text and graphic formats. The text display (4 lines of 16 characters) is twice the size of displays normally found in control panels in this market segment. The uncomplicated "follow me" graphic guide steers the user through a choice of options. Explicit icons indicate the keys to press making operations clear-cut and simple.

 Even the installer will find Easy4U technology helpful. Programming is piloted by a straightforward graphic interface similar to that of a PC. In addition, an advanced technology "text-to-speech" feature allows you to create "voice" messages by simply typing in the texts if you don't want to use the standard defaults that are ready to use out of the box. It is also possible to download .Wav files and messages recorded on the PC to the control panel. A further feature of great importance is automatic-learning of all zone balancing which allows the system to set itself up in accordance with its cabling.


Technology and Flexibility. FlexIO offers the ultimate in the patented split-terminal technology. With this technology the embedded distinction between inputs and outputs no longer exists. In fact, FlexIO terminals work as both. In other words, the number of zones and outputs on an expansion board is defined during system installation and is no longer pre-defined at the factory. This hardware flexibility goes even further, as these terminals can read analogue values, deal directly with vibration and rollerblind sensors, output analogue signals and also manage 'zone doubling' (two separate programmable hardwired zones placed to one terminal). This installer-friendly technology also allows you program the intervention (EOL) values of the terminals you employ as inputs. Each terminal is equipped with a fine-adjustment trimmer (Patent Pending) which eliminates the risk of incorrect analysis evaluation and thus lowers the false alarm rate. Another interesting aspect of FlexIO terminals is the 'free mapping' feature. To all intents and purposes, the control panel terminals can be 'mapped' anywhere on the peripherals (keypads and expansion boards) in such way to allow the installer to use every terminal the system provides.


Technology and Connectivity. Janus technology takes you into a different realm. It permits you to interface the world of Ness SmartLiving products with the outside world through a TCP/IP Ethernet connection. Janus technology is embedded in SmartLAN/SI and SmartLAN/G boards. By accessorizing the SmartLiving control panel with these boards, you will be allowed 'no-risk' worldwide access to the system via the Internet. You will be able to send TCP/IP data packets and program the system from any remote location over the Internet. The SmartLAN/G board provides the entire spectrum of Janus technology functions. It not only provides easy remote access from anywhere in the world, but also offers the opportunity to send e-mails and attachments. Additionally, you can access the system via the Internet and interact with the control panel through a virtual keypad. On top of that, the sophisticated technology of Janus allows you to interact with the control panel through your Smartphone just as if you were standing in front of a keypad. The Janus technology embedded in the SmartLAN/G board transforms your Smartphone into a wireless keypad that allows you to operate on the SmartLiving system. A keypad connected to the panel no matter where you are!


          Main Features of the SmartLiving Systems
Hardware Features SmartLiving 505 SmartLiving 515 SmartLiving 1050L

SmartLiving 10100L

Number of Terminals supported by the System 5 15 50 100
Number of Terminals available for mapping and relocation 5 15 50


Terminals on motherboard (configurable as inputs or outputs) *  5 (0) 5 (0) 10 (5)

10 (5)

Programmable relay on motherboard 1 1 1


Relay programmed for external Siren connection as default Yes
Number of programmable open-collector outputs on motherboard 2 2 2 2
O/C programmed for External Strobe and Internal Siren as default Yes
Number of partitions available 5 10 15
IP Connectivity management (using SmartLAN) Yes
Flex5 expansion board housing - - Yes
GSM device housing Yes
Power supply 1.4A 1.4A 6A 6A
RS232 Port Yes
Power charge monitored by temperature probe (ProbeTh accessory item) Yes
Dynamic Battery Test Yes
Control-panel firmware upgrading capability onsite Yes
Peripheral-firmware upgrading capability via control panel Yes
Enclosure  Metal
Battery housing 7 A/H 7 A/H 2 x 18 A/H 2 x 18 A/H
Dimensions (HxWxD) 305x220x80 mm 500x380x95 mm
Weight without battery 2.5 Kg 5.3 kg
I-BUS devices
I-BUS peripherals enrolled automatically
Number of keypads supported
5 10 15
Number of nBy proximity readers supported
10 20 30
Number of Flex5 5-terminal Expansions supported
4 10 20 40
Ivy-B Sounderflasher
Number of Air2 Wireless Transceivers supported
4 10 20 30
Nexus GSM/GPRS module
Air2 wireless devices
MC100 Magnetic contacts and/or IR100 PIRs
5 15 50 100
Wireless keyfobs (KF100)
50 100 150
Installer access code  2
Number of user-access codes (can be controlled by timers) 30 50 100
Number of nKey Tags or nCards card (can be controlled by timers)
50 100 150
Telephone communications
Integrated automatic digital-dialer
Automatic voice dialer (SmartLogos30M option, refer to Voice functions)
Telephone contact numbers  15
Telephone line check
Input terminals 
Auto-learning of zone-balance * 
Zone doubling (each input manages 2 zones)
Input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on control panel
Input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on keypad
Number of input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on expansion boards confi gurable as inputs or outputs
Programmable input-zone thresholds.  (EOL Values per Zone) Yes
Input threshold trimmer * 
Voice functions on motherboard
Remote Listen-in function with choice of location (Alien keypads)
Voice functions on SmartLogos30M board (accessory item)
Automatic-Answephone function (customizable)
Message recording at Alien keypads Yes
Voice-prompt menu over-the-phone (customizable) Yes
Automatic Voice-dialer Yes
Message recording from PC (using microphone or .wav) Yes
Message recording from PC (using text-to-speech function)  Yes
Nexus GSM functions 
Voice dialer over GSM Network Yes
Sends pre-edited and customizable SMS text messages for each event Yes
Programmable priority-management of PSTN and GSM channels for each event Yes
Activates control panel shortcuts via SMS text message or CallerID Yes
Answerphone and DTMF command management functions Yes
Automatic Balance check Yes
Voice, digital and SMS message Emergency communication Yes
Other features
Week-to-Week timers (each with 5 ˜exception' periods) for automatic arming and enablement
10 20
Thermostats with manual, dayly, weekly and antifreeze management
5 30 50
Programmable timer-controlled events
10 30 50
Automatic daylight saving time
Programmable scenarios (arming configurations) 
Shortcuts (one-stroke actions)
Programmable icons
Number of tigger events
360 430 840 1430
Rolling event buffer
500 1000
Events log filter
Saves compact event details
Manages shortcuts on function keys (12)
Shortcuts on LEDs (4) on nBy Readers
Manages Events-Actions matrix
Generates 'start of' event-related actions
Generates 'end of' event-related actions
Programming software runs under Windows
* Patent Pending













Programming Software


(Support available only for licensed installers who have completed official training course)


Firmware update 

to Version 6


515 PCB

Metal Housing

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Part Number 106-401

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