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Ness SmartLiving Air2-MC200 Wireless Magnetic contact, with integrated tilt and shock sensor for the SmartLiving 505, 515, 1050L and 10100L systems.

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Air2-MC200 Magnetic contact (with integrated tilt and shock sensor)

The Air2-MC200 is a wireless magnetic-contact which integrates a tilt and shock sensor. 
The latest micro-electromechanical technology allows this device to provide extreme programming flexibility, accurate detection and a high rate of reliability.
In fact, both tilt and shock detection can be precisely programmed to the specific needs of the installation. The tilt sensor detects tamper on the object it is firmly fixed to and is particularly suited to overhead and awning windows, thus avoiding the use of magnets. 
The Air2-MC200 is protected against tamper attempts and forced removal. 
Air2-MC200 uses separate channels for the different types of signaling and therefore allows the clear identification of the source of the alarm. The reduced size of this device allows simplified installation and maintenance.


AIR2 Wireless devices for SmartLiving Series Control Panels 

Frequently security professionals perceive the market need for a reliable, truly proficient wireless system. And now, thanks to Ness's perception of installer company needs, that system is available.

The first-rate 'Air2' wireless system operates over 915MHz band and moreover uses two-way signal transmission technology. This means that all the system devices transmit and receive signals. This two-way transmission technology also means that the traditional older technology receiver has been replaced by a superior device that not only receives but also transmits signals to all the system devices. Therefore, the 'Air2' system does not rely on one-way alarm signal transmission, like most other wireless systems, but verifies the successful effect of the signal on the target device via a two-way wireless transmission channel.

Security professionals will find the innovative operating principles and superior functions of the 'Air2' wireless system more than convincing and will surely appreciate the advanced features of the system diagnostics.

The transceiver connects directly to the control panel I-BUS (Ness's peripheral communication bus) and allows fully-integrated management of all wireless and hard-wired devices. Ness's 'Air2' high-performance wireless system provides complete protection and in no way lowers security. Choosing 'Air2' means reducing installation time to a minimum whilst at the same providing those hard-to-get-to spots with total protection. The 'Air2' wireless system can be installed without defacing the structure it protects, and therefore finds its niche in buildings of importance such as churches and museums where extensive structural work would spoil the overall appearance of the building.



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Part Number 106-419

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