M1XEP Version 2.x.x Firmware

Installation instructions

 IMPORTANT: This is a delicate field update with some associated risks. Failure to read and follow the instructions exactly as provided below could potentially result in failure of the update, and unrecoverable damage to the M1XEP. Even with careful adherence to the procedures there is a small risk that the update could fail. For this reason Ness strongly recommends you always have a backup or spare M1XEP on hand as a replacement in case the update fails and the M1XEP cannot be recovered.

WARNING: This update is a one-way process. Once the M1XEP is updated to Version 2 firmware it can never be reverted back to the previous version (1.x.x). A major enhancement provided with this new version is support for encrypted email services. The outdated and problematic M1 Java Web Server is gone. We feel it’s imperative that you read and understand this information so that you can make your own decision, at your own risk, of whether to update to version 2.x.x firmware.


 Steps for updating:

1. Click the link below to download the Version 2.0.22 (or later) Firmware to your computer.
2. Start ElkRP, open the account, and select Network from the ElkRP Connection dropdown.
3. Once connected, perform a “Receive All” to collect all current information stored in the M1 and the M1XEP
4. Perform a “Save” to store a copy of this account on the hard drive should a restore be necessary after the update.
NOTE: Most M1XEPs will require a Bootware (Bootloader) v2.0.2 update first. Then the Application Firmware update v2.0.22 can be performed. Exception: If the M1XEP has previously been updated to an earlier firmware v2 version (i.e. v2.0.12) then updating the Bootware would have already been done. Please follow each step below carefully. 
5. Updating the Bootware (Bootloader) to version 2.0.2.
  5a. Click the ElkRP “Send/Rcv” dropdown box and select “Enroll/Update Control and Devices.”
5b. Highlight the M1XEP from the list and click on the [Update] button.
5c. Click the radio button labeled “Bootware Update” and then choose “Ver 2.0.2 (BOOT_M1XEP_2.0.2.bin)” from the dropdown box.
5d. Click the [Update] button. 
A message should pop up warning that updating the bootware will erase the application firmware and the device will no longer function until the application is reloaded. 
5e. Click [OK] to acknowledge the pop up warning message. A progress bar will show the percentage as the new bootloader is programmed.
5f. At 100% progress a new message should pop up reminding that the application code must be installed before the device will operate. 
5g. Click [Continue]
6. Update the Application Firmware code to version 2.0.22.
  6a. On the Enroll/Update screen make sure the M1XEP is still highlighted, then click on the [Update] Button.
6b. Click the radio button labeled “Firmware Update” and then choose Application Ver. 2.0.22 (M1XEP_2.0.22.bin)” from the dropdown box.
6c. Click the [Update] button. A progress bar will show the percentage as the new code is programmed.
6d. At 100% progress a new message will flash saying that the device has disconnected to reboot. 
6e. Click [Done] which will pop up a new message explaining why the device disconnected. Click [OK] to continue.
6f. Wait for the device to reboot (approximately 8 minutes) before attempting to reconnect to it using ElkRP.
6g. After approximately 8 minutes click the Network connect from the ElkRP Connection dropdown.
6h. Click the “Send/Rcv” dropdown menu and select “Enroll/Update Control and Devices”.
6i. View and confirm that Bootware (Bootloader) and Application Firmware are now both updated to the new versions.

In some instances the update may cause the M1XEP’s configuration settings to be reset to factory defaults. This may include a change of its DHCP IP address. In may be necessary to use the “Find” feature to locate the device’s IP Address. It will then be necessary to connect and perform a SEND from the M1XEP Setup page to restore all of its previous settings.