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Software Licence for IS2000 Security Management system has been designed with ingenuity and innovation.
Ness Corporation IS2000 security management software

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Software Licence for IS2000 Security Management system

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IS2000 has been designed with ingenuity and innovation. Always in the forefront of technology, IS2000 utilizes the latest Microsoft development tools. With simple icon based user controls, displays can be tailor-made for each user. Responses and prompts are context sensitive and can be triggered on system events and scenarios that provide a solution that suits the specific end users requirements. Best of all, the system can adapt to meet the requirements of a changing business environment as clients change without having to replace the system.

IS2000's open architecture and open database structure can be easily linked to other systems to ensure accuracy and responsive integration. For every size project, Ness has a scalable solution that includes fully integrated Access Control, Video Management, Multi- Level Interactive Graphic Mapping, Photo-ID Creation and Management, Response Management and all the other important features your business needs.

The IS2000 Security Management System is expandable to over 4096 access control doors with optional CCTV, M1 Security & Automation interface with unlimited clients. 

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Driven by a customer centered strategy, IS2000 has an intuitive and intelligible interface. We’ve highlighted just a few of the myriad of features that are available to you.

Automatically detect and program system hardware with the Autoscan set-up feature.

Instantly plot devices onto graphic maps with multiple user-defined layers.

Visualize alarms, control points and monitor points graphically and/or in a scrolling display.

Easily set-up custom command icon buttons to perform user-defined events such as unlocking door(s) or calling up video images with one click.

Quickly generate global I/O triggers and macros.

Instantly review a cardholder’s access activities with the Access Trace History feature.

Easily create access levels with drag and drop functionality.

Use multi-monitor support to maintain essential alarm/event monitoring while performing other tasks such as adding cardholders.

Full array of multimedia components such as interactive intelligent agents, voice recognition and instructional tutorials.

Built-in diagnostic tools to instantly troubleshoot and track system events.

View real-time status of hardware, components and devices.





Ness IS2000 Video Products The IS2000 video products provide a complete integrated solution for digital surveillance and security applications that can be applied to tourist attractions, traffic monitoring, bank, campus environments, etc... All of the IS2000 video solutions are scaleable, starting with a single network video camera, to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) , to an enterprise based Network Video Recorder (NVR). Flexible frame rates, bandwidth and quality allow users to adjust to various network environments.


Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The IS2000-DVR has a robust software platform that can be used to capture and view live or recorded video from anywhere. Connect with up to 16 cameras on a single server or link multiple servers to support hundreds of cameras. Capture video from IP (Network) based cameras. View live or recorded video from computers on your LAN. The easy to use software is based on the standard Windows interface providing a very solid platform to deliver advanced features.


Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The IS2000-NVR software package provides browser-based access to IP Cameras, Video Servers, and DVRs installed on a client network. IS2000- NVR is an industry-proven video recording solution that allows you to choose your own server. The IS2000-NVR is camera and server agnostic, providing the power of a network video solution without purchasing proprietary technology.

IS2000 v10 is a world-class access control platform that offers users many options through integration with the industry’s most trusted brands. Employ comprehensive solutions for access control with features that support sites from small office buildings, banks, retail, community facilities, airports, multi-tenant facilities, and hospitals. Use wired or wireless solutions for cost-effective site installation and management. Powerful control with an intuitive interface, IS2000 provides the most extensive integrated platform in the industry.


Due to its modular design, IS2000 v10 can be customized to manage any size system, while offering a complete Security Management Solution that adheres to open architecture standards. IS2000’s built-in web server allows clients to access and control the system remotely via a web browser that is OS agnostic.

IS2000 manages disparate security devices and systems into a single user interface. Data from theses systems are managed bi-directionally and can be synchronized with HR Systems via web services. The distributed intelligent network architecture allows all of the access control and security decisions to execute and record, even if communication is lost with the host computer.

IS2000’s open architecture and modular design allows the customer to expand the system based on the features and requirements of the site(s) being managed. The software has the ability to simultaneously manage traditional hardware platforms and newer web based IP controllers and readers from its seamless environment.


Applicable Markets

Keep students and faculty safe from a dangerous external event with multi-buildling lockdown.

Landlords can manage multiple tenants and allow them to manage their specific site.

Control who has access to offices and suites all season long from a centralized system.
Control and monitor inventory facilities while automating various procedures.


Health Care
Control where and when staff can go throughout the facility and set special schedules for planned surgeries.

Allow designated staff to control jetway and baggage claim functions.

Financial Sector
Control access to multiple bank branches while staying integrated to video.

Managers can auto-unlock their store when they disarm their alarm system.







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