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Ness Smart Reporting Suite for Automatic generated reports emailed to users.

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The Ness Smart Reporting suite is a multi faceted report generator designed to add functionality to supported access control and / or alarm system by:


Providing additional reports not available in the standard products,
Making specified reports securely available to a wider audience,
Simplifying data access,
Creating data interfaces to other systems.


The Supported systems include:-

1. Ness IS2000 Access Control / Security Managment System,
2. Ness M1 Security & Automation controller,
3. NessBiometric Readers (AC2100 /  AC5000)

Although the reporting suite is heavily directed towards Time and Attendance reports (T&A / TNA), it can also provide automatic reports for access control of who access (or attempted to access) selected doors or for Security Systems who Armed / Disarmed the security system. These reports are produced automatically and emailed to selected users. 

There is two versions available. 

BASE Version

Base system automatically delivers one report each week to a nominated email address. At installation the only information required is an email address for the report recipient.

The Base Version includes 1 free reports (Typically 'First & Last Clockings') with a Ness IS2000 Access Control and Security Management System, or Ness M1 Security & Automation controller) and additional reports can be added by selecting from the ‘Standard Reports’ list and purchasing a licence for each report.

Standard reports include:-

First & Last Clockings,
  Total Hours,
  Attendance - start, end & total times,
Attendance Detail - start, end, standard, extra, total,  
Late Start,
  Late Start > 5 Min,
  Early Finish,
  Early Finish > 5 Min,
  Late Start OR Early Finish,
  Late Start OR Early Finish > 5 Min,
  Overtime > 1 Hour,
  Overtime > 2 Hours,
  Overtime > 4 Hours,
  Not Clocked In,
  Staff currently On-Site Report.

ADVANCED Reporting Version

The functionality of the base system can be significantly increased by purchasing 'Advanced Reporting' licences for any of the following extensions.


1. Multiple schedules assigned by employee (Default: start 9:00, end 17:00 all persons)
            a. Set up using a simple spreadsheet with autofill, each schedule will have a nameand details for 7 shifts. A schedule is then assigned to each person.
            b. Break times may be added to each shift.
2. Date range selection (Default: prior 7 days),
3. Designated readers (Default: All),
    a. Identified by part of the reader name.
4. Deduced schedules (Default: Manual assignment for each employee),
    a. A utility to automatically assign schedules to persons based on their clockingpattern over the previous period. This will override any prior assignments.
5. Report filters,
    a. Will include Dates, Department, Person Group, Person Type, Schedule and more,
6. User variablesa. Will allow users to vary report parameters such as minutes late.
7. Sort/split by department/group/location,
    a. Will sort and split reports by Department, Group etc. and sent only the requiredsections to each email recipient. e.g. run report for all departments but eachdepartment manager’s report to only include his own department.
8. Reports in csv (Excel) format,
    a. Suitable for use in a spreadsheet
9. Reports in html format (optimised for Smartphones),
10. Cloud storage

All of the standard reports are available as ‘Advanced’ reports which incorporate the features enabled by licenced extensions. When a new extension is licensed any standard reports already licensed will be automatically updated to the advanced version.

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