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Macroscop 'ML' VMS IP Camera Software. (Licence per Camera)

Ness Corporation Macroscop ML Camera Licence

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  • Ness Corporation Macroscop ML Camera Licence
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"Macroscop ML Series - Video Management System Software"


Macroscop is professional IP camera software. 

Macroscop allows you to build an IP video surveillance system of any size, from just one to an unlimited number of IP cameras. It is scalable so you only pay for what you need and size your system accordingly.

"ML" Series supports up to 20 IP Cameras, 2 Workstations and 1 server.  

This is a one off time camera licence, with no hidden extras, that can be upgraded to "LS" or "ST" series at any time as required.

We recommend that intelligent modules be used to improve the video surveillance system's functionality that you may optionally connect for any number of IP cameras.

'ML Series' is a great solution for smaller applications with up to 20 IP cameras.

(For larger systems refer to 'LS' (400 Cameras Systems) or 'ST' Series (Unlimited Camera systems)

Click HERE to view list of compatible IP Cameras



Free PTZ Included

Free Audio Broadcast  Included

Free  Auto Zoom  Included

Free Movement detection  Included

Free Sabotage Detection Module  Included

Free Loud Sound Detector  Included

The ML version does not support  other intelligent modules.
(refer "ML" or "ST" Version for more intelligent modules) 




Macroscop works well with facilities of any size. Licenses are purchased depending on the     number of video cameras. There is no limit to how large your system can be.

Macroscop works with any IP camera (more than  3 000, with support for ONVIF and PSIA     protocols).

It's flexibility and modularity allow you to chose only those functions you need.

  Works with virtually Any System




Ease of Design

To get the program up and running, all you have to do is chose the version of the program and intelligent functions you need, acquire the licenses for the required number of channels, and receive your security key.

Tell us what you need for your project, and we will find you the best solution and tell you how much it will cost.

What Server Do I Need?






Quick start-up

Start-up, settings, and service of Macroscop do not require any special admin or programming skills. Any installer with a minimal amount of experience in video surveillance can handle these issues. Please download and install the free demo version to verify this contention.

Starts up in 15 Minutes





    Simple, functional interface design

The Macroscop IP camera software interface is intuitive for any user, and launch and configuration usually take no more than 15 minutes. The program's configuration manager finds available IP cameras and helps the user set up the system.

       Configures in 15 minutes

Easy-to-use navigation

Thanks to its flexible planning tools, you may move among cameras located at one or several facilities. Upload a map of the city or facility diagrams and spend only 10 minutes placing the cameras on the plan.

A premises diagram may be drawn in the configuration tool using the built-in graphical editor, or images in jpg, bmp, or png format may be uploaded into the system.

Upload site diagrams in 10 minutes


Creating a Unified Monitoring Center



Output video from IP cameras at various facilities to one screen and monitor the situation at them at the same time.

Display up to 100 cameras on one monitor.


This item is per camera licence and can be expanded up to 20 cameras.


Access from Anywhere

For users that need to constantly keep their facility under control and watch videos from their IP cameras under any condition and at any time, Macroscop supports mobile devices.



Android: Macroscop

iOS: Macroscop

Windows SmartPhone: Macroscop


Technical Specification


Operating Systems Microsoft Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server/7
Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions are supported
IP Camera Brands More than 140 (more than 3000 IP models)
Supported Standards ONVIF, PSIA
Video Stream Formats MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
Audio Stream Formats PCM, G.711U, G.711A, G.722.1, G.726, G.729A, GSM-AMR, AAC 
Intelligent Video Analysis Movement detectionLoud Sound Detector Support for all Macroscop intelligent modules Support for all Macroscop intelligent modules
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Control (PTZ) Yes Yes Yes
Interface Language English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, SpanishTurkish
Archival Storage Modes Constant; at the operator's request; when motion is detected by the camera; when Macroscop's detector instructs it to; on a schedule (recording modes may be combined); upon a system event (scenario)
Display Mode It's multi-screen, and the channel grid and relative positions of the channels in the grid may be changed during operation
The Macroscop Detector Detects movement in the frame, including by creating several detection zones and limiting the dimensions of detected events individually for each zone and has a configurable detection rate
Archive Storage Format In the format received from the IP camera
Video Export Available in AVI format and Macroscop's proprietary format (playable via the Macroscop Player)
Site Plan Support Creating two-dimensional site plans and positioning cameras and sensors in site plans
Sabotage Detectors Camera panning, camera lighting, lens coverage, lens defocusing.
Event Monitoring Visual and audio (when an external acoustic system is added) notifications
Active Directory Integration Yes Yes Yes



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Part Number 104-630

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