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NX Witness Camera Licence. (Licence per Camera)

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Video for Any Industry


IP Surveillance.Made Simple.

Nx Witness VMS is an open IP video management system(IPVMS) designed to find, view, record, and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate quickly with 3rd party systems and devices.

 Supports full video management of up to thousdands of cameras.

Cloud Enabled
Smart Video Search
Automatic Failover
One Click Upgrades
Play Offline Media
Video Analytics
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Recording
No onging Support Fees
Free Live Streaming


What is Nx Witness?

Nx Witness is an IP Video Management System (VMS) - a software platform for IP video surveillance applications that detects, streams, records, and analyzes live video from connected IP video devices (IP cameras) and networked video sources.

Every Nx Witness System is made up of one or more of the following Nx Witness applications:

  • Nx Witness Server - responsible for managing connected system devices, users, and system configuration. Systems must contain at least one - and often times contain many - instances of the Nx Witness Server application.

  • Nx Witness Desktop Client - A thick client that runs on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX that allows users to connect to, view live and recorded video, and manage Nx Witness system configurations.

  • Nx Witness Web Interface - The Nx Witness Web Interface is a browser-based UI for connecting to the Nx Witness Media Server. It requires no installation and provides basic system configuration, Developer Tools, links to support and mobile apps, and a Web Client for viewing live and recorded video from the system.

  • Nx Witness Mobile Clients - available on Apple iOS and Google Android devices the Nx Witness Mobile Clients are rich clients for iOS and Android mobile computing devices that allow users to view live or recorded video from their Nx Witness system.


Supported Devices & Manufacturers.
* Any ONVIF Profile S Device.
* Any RTSP video stream.
* Integrate any device with the Nx SDK.
* Acti, Arecontvision, Axis, Brickcom, Canon, Dahua, Digital Watchdog, D-Link, Hikvision, IQinVision, ISD, Sony, Stardot, Vista, Vivotek, and more.

* Windows XP or later.

* Ubuntu Linux 12.04 or later.

* Mac OSX 10.6 or later (client only) Unique Enterprise Features - No Single Point of Failure

* Connect to any server in the system to view the entire system..

* Automatic Camera Failover

* Enable any server(s) as a failover server to create a high-reliability system. Smart Search Options

* Use any search feature you prefer - smart motion, keyword(s), time-slice, or calendar to find and share events. Universal Fisheye Dewarping

* Automatically or manually detect and dewarp any fisheye lens - including panamorph lenses. Advanced Video Export

* Export single or multiple video events into standard or executable format. Server Health Monitoring

* Drag & Drop servers onto flexible grid interface to view CPU, network, memory, and HDD status. One-Click System-Wide Updates

* Upgrade your entire system - servers & edge cameras with the click of a button.

Nx Cloud

With Nx Cloud any Nx Witness System can be accessed, viewed, and managed from anywhere, anytime.

  • Connect your system to Nx Cloud in seconds
  • Access your Nx Witness System from anywhere, anytime
  • Fast, responsive streaming and connectivity with Nx Witness' adaptive scaling technology and transcoding capabilties


  • Quickly share access to new users
  • Create custom user roles


  • Simple multi-site or multi-client setup
  • Quickly switch between systems


An NX Witness camera licence is a ONCE-OFF purchase with no recurring fees and free lifetime updates.


Other benefits include

  • Simple to use GUI for end users
  • Minimal training required. (Learn the system in minutes)
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Smart Video Search
  • Automatic Failover (If one server fails, camera from that server can automatically switch to another server until the original server is repaired replaced)
  • One Click Upgrades|
  • Video Analytics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Recording
  • No onging Support Fees
  • Free Live Streaming





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Part Number 104-634

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