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Hikvision iVMS5200


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"iVMS5200 Survalliance Management Software Solution"


iVMS-5200 software is a Complete, Smart and Open Management System that provides market-leading powerful solutions. It offers a wide range of VMS functionalities optimized for different types of deployment and usage, for example, safe city, traffic management, finance, buildings, retails and other industries. It offers flexible product according to customers’ needs:VMS Station for small and medium deployment, Advanced VMS for medium and large deployment.


Our iVMS-5200 is compatible with the entire line of Hikvision products. Meanwhile, it offers abundant features, such as ANPR and mobile/transit surveillance, and it’s incredibly flexible when integrating products from other brands, so it will be sure to fit your unique needs and challenges. With the iVMS-5200, Hikvision offers you the best and most cost-effective, total hardware-to-software solutions in the surveillance industry.


The iVMS-5200 offers automated smart functions such as smart information matching for vehicle access control and automatic backup of mobile surveillance data, with the ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 is compatible with multiple mainstream brands and IP camera models.  The list of compatible products gets updated continuously. The iVMS-5200 offers SDK for the convenience of third-party integration. It also supports third party access via ONVIF.

Three Powerful Clients

Control Client

Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Control Client is used for daily monitoring inreal-time. It is powerful and easy-to-use.



  • Visualized operation
    • Multi-layered maps are available for easy monitoring and operation of the whole system, including cameras and other devices. The Health Monitor ing function visually displays the real time status of the entire system and connected devices. The advanced, multi-screen operation helps improve   work efficiency (up to 4-screen live-view and 3-screen multi-threaded operation).

  • Fast and simple evidence handling
    • To protect critical footage, key video footage can be locked. Video, both tagged and untagged, can be exported in batches.

  • Efficient response
    • The Alarm Center facilitates a rapid response to events by offering quick access to all alarms from an on-screen list. From this list, users can access any video triggered and recorded by an alarm. Videos can be viewed in real-time and recorded footage can be readily played back. Video Tags can be used to mark pertinent footage for speedy retrieval later.

Web Client

Our iVMS-5200 Web Client is Internet-based, offering temporary access to common operations such as live view and playback. It also offers the most essential central management functions. When there is ever an alert, you will be ready to handle it.



  • Optimized Workflow
    • The Configuration Wizard enables anyone, with or without technical skills, to quickly learn how to use this powerful video management system.

    • The Web Client seamlessly integrates with all iVMS-5200 products. Via this client, you can access and manage any iVMS-5200 software product, such as video surveillance and ANPR.

  • Accessibility from Anywhere
    • With an Internet connection, you can use Internet Explorer to access your surveillance system anywhere you might be, viewing live video and playing back recorded footage.

Mobile Client

Mobile surveillance anywhere, anytime – the mobile app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. It supports Wi-Fi and 3G and 4G connectivity.



  • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere
    • The Configuration Wizard enables anyone, with or without technical skills, to quickly learn how to use this powerful video management system.

    • Using a smart phone or tablet, you can view live video or play back recorded video whenever you need to and from wherever you are.

  • Always Ready
    • When an alarm in your surveillance system is triggered, notification can be received on a mobile client.

  • Fast Event Response
    • When an event occurs, you can use the mobile client to upload real-time event video and event location to the control center.

  • Widened View
    • The iVMS-5200 supports the picture- in-picture function. When playing back one channel, you can simultaneously view its live video in the same window.

iVMS-5200 Professional

The iVMS-5200 Professional is dedicated to providing reliable video solutions, featuring central management, third-party integration, and a failover mechanism. Targeting medium to large-scale deployments, Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional boasts a unified platform that manages sub-modules including video modules, mobile surveillance modules, parking modules, and smart wall modules, among others.




Central Management for Scalable Deployment and Multiple Modules


•Supports up to 10,240 channels for medium to large-scale and multiple-site deployment

•Unified management for Mobile SurveillanceANPR and Smart Wall modules

•Supports cross-moduleq alarm for efficient event handling



Secure and Efficient System Management


•Access permission control for various system users

•Integrate with Windows Active Directory account as CCTV system user for a coherent, company-wide HR policy

•Handle instant alarm and search related video evidence efficiently

•Edge storage, distributed DVR/NVR storage, and unique Central Video Recorder (CVR) available

•Play back intrusion and line-crossing video footage via VCA search 






System Stability and Video Footage Assurance


•Prevents service interruption and CMS data loss with the RoseReplicatorPlus™ failover solution

•Monitors the channel/device/service status and alerts operator during anomalies

•Supports CVR N+1 and Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) to protect video footage



Make Wise Decisions with Business Intelligence


With the business intelligence (BI) report generated by iVMS-5200 Pro, you can transform the raw data into useful information for business analysis purposes, such as displaying Commodity Sales Volume from PoS integration, Mileage Statistics Report from Mobile surveillance module, and Entrance & exit Traffic Flow Report from ANPR module, eventually to maximize management efficiency. 


Available Modules:

104-848: iVMS-5200 Professional Video surveillance base license with 4 camera licenses,includs functions:Live view and playback,PTZ controlControl client, Web client and Mobile client support;E-map support;Download Center,Business Intelligence,Health check;Alarm center etc.

104-849: iVMS5200 Video surveillance camera license (Additional after the purchase of base licence that comes with 4 camera licences. (Licenced Per Camera to be connected)

104-851: Business intelligence base license, including Transaction Data Analysis, People counting analysis, Retail traffic analysis functions.


Mobile Video Management;
104-850: Mobile surveillance base license with 4 camera licenses, includes functions:Real-time monitoring;Real-time location on GIS MAP;Vehicles tracking;Route playback;Live view and playback, Health check, Alarm center. Domain account support,multi-levels user management etc.

104-850B: Mobile video surveillance camera license - Additional Camera licences after the base licence

104-850C: Mobile surveillance  Business Intelligence base license, includes functions:support the traffic data analysis including the Mileage Statistics´╝îNetwork Traffic and Online Duration.


ANPR Management;
104-852: ANPR module base license with 2 ANPR cameras license,100 parking entrance&Exit management capacity enabled, support functions:License plate number capturing and storage;Search for  video and pictures based on License plate No,time,camreas;Black&White list;Live view, Health check,Alarm center, Domain account support;Multi-levels user management etc;Free spaces management with LED Screen integration(Integration will be needed);Multiple parking event alarm;Vehicle traffic flow report etc. 

104-852B: ANPR camera license - Additional licences after the base licence.

104-854: POS Transact base license (2 POS  connection included) - Transact POS connection license(one license per POS connection)

104-853:  Transact POS connection license(one license per POS connection

104-855: Storage server base license for 64 cameras recording

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