Hikvision AX Series Wireless Security Control Panel Kit

Part Number : 114-190


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DS-PWA32-K 433MHz Wireless Control Panel Kits

114-190 Ness Corporation Hikvision AX Series Wireless Security Control Panel Kit with 3G/4G

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  • 114-190 Ness Corporation Hikvision AX Series Wireless Security Control Panel Kit with 3G/4G
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Hikvision AX Series Wireless Security Control Panel Kit.

AX series wireless security control panel, containing 32 wireless zones, supports Wi-Fi, LAN communication methods, as well as ISAPI, and SIA-Contact ID protocol. It is applicable to the scenarios of market, store, house, factory, warehouse, office etc

Kit includes : DS-PWA32-K 433MHz Wireless Control Panel Kit, 1 x DS-PWA32-H Control Panel, 1 x DS-PD2-P10P-W Wireless PIR, DS-PD1-MC-WWS Wireless Reed Switch and 1 DS-19K00-Y Wireless Radio Key.

The following additional devices are also available to learn into and connect to the system (sold seperately)

Additional Wireless Keyfob (Refer Ness Part No. 114-192)

Additional Wireless PIR (Refer Ness Part No. 114-194)
Wireless PIR Wall Mount bracket (Refer Ness Part No. 114-194B)

Additional Wireless Reed switch (Refer Ness Part No. 114-195)

Additional Mifare Prox Tags (Refer Ness Part No. 114-199)

Wireless Internal Siren (Refer Ness Part No. 114-193)

Wireless External Siren (Refer Ness Part No. K-114-203)

Wireless Panic Buttons (Refer Ness Part No. 114-196)

Wireless Emergency Button (Refer Ness Part No. 114-197)

Wireless outdoor Dual-Tech Detector (Refer Ness Part No. 114-198)

Wireless 2  O/P Expander (Refer Ness Part No. 114-200)

Wireless 8  O/P Expander (Refer Ness Part No. 114-201)

Wireless Input Expander (Refer Ness Part No. 114-202)




• Supports dual path communication of alarm events and other signals over LAN and / or Wi-Fi
• Supports up to 32 wireless inputs, 32 wireless outputs and 2 sirens
• IVaas (Intruder Verification As A Service) :Support up to 2 channel 7 seconds pre/post alarm recording for Video Verification (Hikvision IP camera/3rd party IP camera support ONVIF)
• Supports viewing event video via mobile client and email
• Supports doorbell function: The detector rings like a doorbell when it is triggered in disarming status
• Voice prompt for configuration and operation
• Configuration via web client, mobile client, or client software
• Pushes alarm notification via messages, phone calls, and email
• SIA-Contact ID protocol compatible
• Long distance two-way wireless communication (800m in open area)




Wireless Alarm Hub
Special Features:   LAN+WIFI
Color:   White
Frequency:   433MHz
Transmission distance:   800m(open area)
Ethernet:   RJ45 10M/100M adaptable Ethernet interface
WIFI protocol standard:   802.11b/g/n
GPRS(SMS&Call):   N/A
3G/4G(SMS&Call):   N/A
Keypad:   N/A
LCD Screen:   N/A
Tag Reader:   N/A
Wireless input:   32
Wireless keyfob:   N/A
Wireless repeater: 2
Wireless output expander: 4
Wireless siren: 2
Voice prompt: 1-CH loudspeaker
Tamper switch: Support
Power interface: 5V DC
Backup battery: Rechargeable li-ion Polymer battery, 3.8V, 4520mAh, 17.176Wh
Power Consumption: <10 W


Wireless Indoor Detector
Detection Range: 10m
Detection Angle: 85°
Detection Zones: 56 zones, 6 planes
Mounting Height (m): 1.8-2.4
Anti-masking: N/A
Anti blocking: N/A
Animal immunity (kg): Up to 24
Blue Wave tech–logy: Support
Automatic sensitivity: Support
Digital temperature compensation: Support
Separate indication: microwave, PIR and alarm: N/A
3 microwave frequencies to avoid interference: N/A
Tamper protection: Front and rear/Bracket
Signal Strength Indicators (SSI): Support
Microwave frequency: N/A
Transmission frequency: 433MHz, FM transceiver
Range in open space (m): 800
3V lithium battery included: 1x CR123A
Ceiling mounted bracket included: YES
Wall mounted bracket included: YES


Wireless Magenetic Contact

Transmitting frequency: 433MHz
RF Transmission distance: 800m (Open area)
LED indicator: 1
Tamper switch: Supported (Front shell and Rear cover)
Power interface: CR123A 3.0V, 2 years
Operation temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃
Operation humidity: 10%~90%
Dimension(L x W x H) (mm): 84 x 25 x 20.99
Weight (g): 37


Wireless Keyfob

Button: Arm, Disarm, Stay arm, Panic alarm, Alarm elimination
Frequency: 433MHz
Distance: 300m (Open area)
Encryption Scheme: Rolling code DES
Indicator: Red/Green LED
Battery: 3V/210mAh
Dimensions (mm): 63 x 49 x 16
Weight (g): 24.5






(HUB / Control Panel)


(Wireless PIRl)


(Reed Switch)


(Radio Key)


1 x DS-PWA32-H,

1 x DS-PD2-P10P-W,

1 x DS-PD1-MC-WWS,

1 x DS-19K00-Y

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Part Number 114-190

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