NESS D8XCEL and D16XCEL with cellular dialler onboard – the professional integrated control panel and cellular dialler solution!

Arm and Disarm by SMS messaging

Request panel status by SMS

User and installer programming by SMS

Central station monitoring by CID

Self Monitoring by SMS

...and more

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Q. When will XCEL panels be available?
A. We are hoping to have the first batch out of Production in November. If you have pre-ordered your panel you will be notified as soon as stock is on hand.

Q. Is there an app?
A. Yes, the NESS XCEL free app will be available for users and installers to operate and program XCEL panels. Or you can operate and program by direct SMS messaging.

Q. What options can be programmed by SMS?
A. The user can program entry/exit delays/siren timer, user codes and the ten SMS phone numbers. Installers can do all programming by SMS...yes ALL.

Q. Can I still program the panels using Nesscomms?
A. Yes, you can use Nesscomms by direct-connect method.

Q. Will the panels be supplied with a SIM card?
A. Yes, all Ness XCEL panels will be supplied with a Ness SIM card. As an installer you can activate the SIM at competitive monthly plans. See the SIM activation page.

Trade users, ask your Ness rep about SIM plan pricing.

Q. Are XCEL panels SIM locked?
A. Yes, the panels are locked to the Ness SIM, but our SIM plans are so low why would you consider anything else!

Q. What type of SIM card is installed?
A. XCEL panels use a Standard SIM.

Q. Can I still use iComms and aComms apps?
A. Yes, these apps are still supported as long as the panel is fitted with the optional 101-244 IP232 Ethernet Module.

Q. Are XCEL panels compatible with previous keypads?
A. We will be releasing an updated Navigator Touch Screen Keypad and a new KPX+ LCD keypad with new information icons for cellular signal strength and notifications.
The new panels are also backward compatible with previous keypads but you'll miss out on cellular information.

Q. Is an antenna supplied?
A. Yes, XCEL panels will be supplied with a 3G antenna with self-adhesive and magnet base inc 3m lead.

Q. Do XCEL panels support central station monitoring?
A. Yes, you can monitor to a central station in Contact ID format as well as self-monitoring by SMS. The programming options are totally flexible so you can report back-to-base and also by SMS or either method only.

Q. Are the panels affected by Telstra closing the 2100MHz frequency?
A. No, XCEL panels have a multi-band 3G module which also supports the 'primary layer' 850MHz network so we are not dependant on the 2100MHz network.

Q. What about the 3G shutdown?
A. We have it on good authority from Telstra that the 3G network will remain online for many years to come.

This statement has been published by Telstra:
3G Network Technology Longevity Statement
Telstra intends that the 3G network will remain in service until at least 2020. Closure activities may commence from 2020 although initially this is more likely to be simple re-purposing of part of the 3G spectrum (as 3G capacity becomes freed from migration to 4G) with no material impacts on our 3G customer base. Full or partial geographic closure may occur any time after 2020, but would be unlikely before 2022. In any case we will provide a reasonable notice period of any shutdown activities that would impact end customers. Full closure is most certainly expected well before 2030. So somewhere between 2020 and 2030 the 3G network will be shut down but precisely when has not yet been decided.